08 Dec

Jareth's progress

The little tyke is about 15 months old now, and starting to become a menace to society.

Recently, he’s started taking steps, but usually, he plops down and speeds along on all fours. Correction: he “canters” along – similar to how a show horse canters; head held high, arms bouncing high into the air, sudden movements. When he wants to get somewhere quickly, though, he puts the head down and turns into a small train.

He still hasn’t bothered talking. I know he is capable of the sounds, but the nearest he comes to anything yet is “Mammmm…” screamed out when Bronwyn leaves the room.

He can now climb. Two or three times a day, he climbs up next to Bronwyn when she’s sitting on her couch knitting. He also has his own armchair, which he manages to climb into. As the adage says, though; “what goes up must come down” – he has fallen sometimes after his climbs. The thought of him falling backwards onto his head from a height is heart-stopping, so I’m thankful that we live in a cottage, and not a two-storey building, but he still manages to roll off the couch, railroad off the bed, fall off his armchair.

Technology-wise, he keeps bashing my keyboard, and grabbing Bronwyn’s mouse. We let him do what he wants to the TV and video, so sometimes we come across him standing in front of it watching Bear In The Big Blue House (he knows how to work the video player). Disturbingly, he woke me up on Sunday by blaring football from the box…

In general, he’s very healthy and inquisitive, and very intelligent. …Of course, I am his dad, so I may be biased!