20 Sep


I hate creepy crawlies!

This monster was waiting for me in the toilet, then when I sat down to try make something out of the photo (I’m no photographer!), it had the gall to come in under the table I was sitting at!

Near gave me a heart attack!

I’m an arachnophobe – I’ve always been terrified of creepy crawlies, and spiders in particular.

Just a few weeks ago, I got the fright of my life when I put my boots on to go to work, and a godzilla of a thing bit into my foot! I kept it in a jar for two weeks before it finally died. Some day, I may donate it to a biological monstrosities museum.

Anyway – I got my sweeping brush and opened the back door, then went to sweep the bloody thing out.

It ran faster than I could sweep it!

I raced to keep it going in the direction I wanted it to (out), and finally sent it on it’s way with a mighty swing.

The damned thing was so big I actually heard it when it landed!

$DEITY, I hate those things…