18 Sep

Happy birthday to me

In about two hours, I’ll be 28 years old.

That’s “2” “8”. Ten years ago, I thought 28 was ancient. Today, I think it’s the right age for who I am. I feel that I’m just getting the hang of this “life” thing, and am kind of looking forward to the rest of it.

When you think of it, see, 28 is just one third of what I expect of my life. Think about that! Imagine growing up as a kid, then through puberty, the early twenties drunken parties, and the late twenties “maturity”. Now imagine doing it all over again. then again. That’s how long life is!

Nice cake, isn’t it! Bronwyn made it – it’s a strawberry&vanilla jam sandwich with 7 candles. I made sure there was no wax left on the bread before I ate it.

When I was coming up to 15 or 16, I made a promise to myself to own a house and a car, etc, by the time I was twenty. Of course, none of that materialised. I hope to have those things by the time I’m forty, but I’m not so sure of it as I was when I was a teenager!

Twenty eight… that’s 33+3/3. or 7+6+5+4+(3*2)+1.

When my kid Jareth is 18, I’ll be 45. Just looking at that, I got a shiver, but then I realised that that’s around the age of most of the guys in work, and they seem to be in the prime of their lives!

Of course, as my GF just reminded me – that’s because they already have their cars and houses. I’m cracking a wry smile at that. I’m looking forward to owning a house.

I may not be where I planned to be by this age, but I have a lot of time left to achieve what I want.