17 Sep

Babarino weblog

I setup a blog for my co-worker Vincent MacDonald yesterday.

I’m interested to see how he gets on with it. We’ve already spotted a few points where WP is not up-to-scratch (images, mostly), and I hope this will lead to some helpful contributions back to the project.

One particular thing I’m interested in, is how well Vinny does with customising his own part of the BlogoSphere. He is not a technical man at all, so it will be interesting to see. I’m sure he’s picked up a smattering of HTML and CSS through osmosis from myelf and the rest of the team, though – we’ll see.

As I commented to Donncha, back when I moved from B2++ to WordPress, the fact that WP allows you code-level access in your templates frankly scares me! It’s a hack waiting to happen! I’m sure Vincent will not have the technical know-how to abuse this, but some-one might!

I may try it myself.

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