16 Sep

RSS Feeds, with Firefox

I wasn’t aware of how useful RSS feeds were until yesterday, when I installed the pre-release of Firefox 1.

In fact, I remember talking to Donncha about the appropriate Mime-type for the XML used in it (still not sure – either application/xml or text/xml), while wondering to myself how many people actually find it useful.

After installing the new Firefox, though, I began noticing little RSS symbols in the bottom right of the browser on some sites. On clicking them, I discovered something wonderful: “Live Bookmarks“!

Try it and see! If you see the RSS symbol on the bottom right, click it, click “Subscribe to RSS”, then look in the Bookmarks of your browser!

When you want to update that list, just right-click on the parent folder, and click “Refresh Live Bookmark”.

One thought on “RSS Feeds, with Firefox

  1. Try it in Thunderbird too! The latest release supports the same RSS feed stuff! It’s quite cool, and works even better for me than in the browser as each post looks like an email!

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