13 Sep

pot, kettle?

A quick read through this shows that Microsoft is yet again trying to pull some FUD woll over our eyes, by claiming that programs written for one distribution will have to be “tweaked slightly” to work on another.

Hello? Pot? Kettle?

I am certain that some programs written for some distributions of Windows cannot work on others, no matter how much “tweaking” is done.

In fact, I remember an old acquaintance of mine who had bought a computer with NT4 installed (wanted a “stable” operating system), and went out and bought Win98 a week later because he couldn’t play his Windows games on it.

With Linux, it’s never that serious. If something doesn’t “work” in your distribution, then download the source and compile it! What could be simpler?

I’ve never come across something that would work in one distribution and not another, so I don’t know exactly where they got their information from…

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