16 Aug

physical exercise

As a web developer, my physical exercise is constricted to the walk into and from work, which, while it is four miles either way, is not enough for me to feel healthy.

I am thinking of devoting two hours each day to keeping healthy – I miss those days only a few years back, when I could get up out of a seat, and easily run a mile.

I am considering freestyle skateboarding and a martial art.

The skateboarding style that most people are familiar is street, which is a very aggressive style based on jumps and slides. Freestyle is more of a flowing style kind of like dancing – more spins and flips, and less running around.

The martial art I would like to do is Ninjutsu, in particular Bujinkan Taijutsu. However, the nearest teachers to me are about 200 miles away. Second and third choices would have to be aikido and tai-chi, however the same distance problem exists here. As much as it disgusts me to contemplate, I will have to do Karate.

I hate blunt martial arts, but if it keeps me healthy, then I’ll have to do it! Besides, with the effort of progression, I may come to enjoy it.

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