14 Aug

weeds and gardens

I am not a very good gardener. This has been pointed out to me a few times by Herself, and is blatantly obvious to me when I look at how much difference there is between the garden as it is right now, and the garden after I’ve spent two years on it.

Very little

I know there are onions and tomatoes and potatoes, etc, in there, because I planted them and tended them as they grew. But, then I went to my sister Tarynn’s wedding in Dublin for a week, and left the garden untended for a few weeks after that – oh, and a cow trampled the place as well.

When I next looked, I could only see my vegetables after pushing aside the nettles, ivy, thistles and brambles that had appeared out of no-where.

There is a huge amount of work to do now to bring it back to the state it was in.

Sometimes, I think it would be easier to turn the whole place into a grass garden, and mow it every week. I am tempted to give in to that thought.