13 Aug

saved by the blog

damn, blogs are important!
Only a few hours ago, I came home to find that my hard-drive had fried – again (yes, I know – “Go buy a new one”. My reply: “Show me the money!”).
Luckily, I tend to write down the answers to technical problems I’ve overcome – makes it easier for me to find the solution when it happens again!
And, as is evident, it happened again.
So, I moved the blog off my home server, and onto my company’s managed server, then recreated the system; first, by downloading and installing WordPress, then by uploading the database of the old one (luckily I kept it on a different drive!), then by downloading Donncha‘s amendments again, applying them, then reading through my last blog entry to tell me what needed fixing.
Instead of four hours or so to debug the patches, it only took me about an hour to do the whole lot!

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