13 Aug

computer violence

taken from #linux on irc.linux.ie

<dredg> rndc flush
<paul> dont forget to put the seat down after
<dredg> funny guy
<kverens> !flush paul
<doneagai2> Mean Bastard
<davidd> KICK HIS ASS, MOFO!
<paul> dredg: i try
<ompaul> oh yeah here we go again coding through violence
<davidd> 🙂
<doneagai2> ompaul: you mean there is another way?
<ompaul> yes object throwing
<ompaul> yes extremist methods
<doneagai2> ompaul point taken
<bigbro> while(1){ kill -9 `pgrep $person`; };
<bigbro> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa etc…
<ompaul> bigbro mass storage devices for the bodies?
<bigbro> ompaul: Something like that 😉
<minus1> bigbro: no no no. it’s _mwuhahahahahaaaaa_
<bigbro> minus1: Trust me on this one, I need NO help with maniacal laughs… Just ask any of my victims^H^H^H^H users… 😉
<ompaul> vic users – you support vic 20s ?